Why are lost foam casting coatings popular?

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The coating of lost foam parts is a kind of refractory coating, which is generally composed of refractory materials, media (ie solvents), binders, suspending agents and other additives. Corundum, silica sand, bauxite, zircon sand, kaolin clinker, etc. are used as refractory materials, and coatings for lost foam castings should be made for different alloy products. At the same time, pay attention to the shape, thickness and distribution of refractory particles.

There are two types of binders: inorganic and organic. Inorganic adhesives belong to the high temperature group. The raw materials are clay, sodium silicate, silica sol, bentonite, phosphate, polyaluminum chloride sulfate, etc.; the organic binder is a low-temperature adhesive, and the raw materials are syrup, starch, polyvinyl alcohol, natural gum, etc.

Suspending agent is a substance that prevents the precipitation of refractory materials, and is often used in bentonite and attapulgite. The medium generally uses water-based paint and alcohol-based paint.

Characteristics of lost foam coating

1. It has high strength and rigidity. It can be deformed by placing molds in shape, and it will not be damaged by dry sand. It is used for interior decoration.

2. Strong flame retardancy, no sticky sand on the casting surface during pouring.

3. The lost foam coating has excellent air permeability, and can quickly export shape vaporization products during the forging process.

4. Strong adhesion, the application of lost foam coating in the production process can prevent the coating from cracking and falling off.

5. The  coating of Ductile Iron Lost Foam Investment Casting Plow has good calcination and detachability, so after the lost foam casting is deformed and poured, the coating casing is easy to fall off, the casting surface is smooth and complete, and the product effect is good.

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